Because of our daily work on the streets we often come across injured,sick and distressed animals. In this case our focus shifts from our daily routine of neutering to the welfare of the animal in need to provide immediate medical support.
For this reason we work together with the best available vet in the community.

We work closely together with Dr. Dimitrov. He has knowledge about any kind of injuries and diseases. As he deeply cares about animals and the whole stray problematic.

What do you think about the stray problem?

"It is better than years ago but I don't see it getting better in the near future, because a lot of people here, of course not all of them but still a lot don't want to neuter their dogs but in the same time let them roam around in the streets and the result is that the female dogs are getting pregnant and their solution is simply abandoning them in another village. Even when we have the law now here in Bulgaria that everybody with a dog over the age of 4 month needs to have a microchip and passport. No one cares . The people don't bring their dogs to get them registered but in the same time the state is not enforcing the laws.

As long as it stays like this nothing will change"


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