Another important side is to educate responsible ownership and welfare.
Eduction is also key to changing peoples attitude which is paramount to reducing the population of dogs in line with neutering. 
We think that this change cannot be enforced, and needs to develop slowly in their own mind. It needs a natural approach to change peoples perspective and attitude. 
Thats why we work at the moment with subtle methods like this cartoon sketches (by Tammy Bohlens ) in the local newspaper.
We have no self advertisment in publications (so you find no logo of everydaystray) 
Our reason behind this is that it should look like its from the magazine and so from the local public.
We just started to evolve in this area. In 2020  we are planing to have advertisments on billboards as well as on the local TV. In the next years we want to develope a team that specializes in this field.

Plans are for the future are

projects in schools and in community centers.

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